Johnson Matthey 1.5mm Silverflo 55 Silver Solder Stick x 200mm long

Johnson Matthey 1.5mm Silverflo 55 Silver Solder Stick x 200mm long

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1 x 200mm Long x 1.5mm dia. Silver-flo 55 Rod / Stick.  Please note that there is a cutting tolerance of +/- 2mm on the silver solder stick.

Please see below for specifications of solder.

Silver-flo TM 55 is a cadmium free silver brazing filler metal. It combines a low brazing temperature with a short melting range. Silver-flo 55 is very free flowing and produces neat joints with small fillets. These characteristics make Silver-floTM 55 an excellent general-purpose silver brazing filler metal. In many countries it is accepted as the best cadmium-free alternative to the low-melting cadmium containing filler metals. For example, it is used as a substitute for alloys such as Easy-flo TM.

Joints made with Silver-flo 55 are suitable for seawater applications, being resistant to dezincification. The optimum joint gap for this filler metal at brazing temperature is normally 0.05-0.15mm.


Composition: 55%Ag, 21%Cu, 22%Zn, 2Sn%

Specification: ISO 17672 Ag 155, EN 1044 1999 AG103, MSRR 9500/708

Melting range:630-660 C


Uses for this Product:

Silver-floTM 55 can be used to join all the common engineering materials (excluding aluminium) such as copper, copper alloys (including, brasses, bronzes, gun metal, nickel silvers, aluminium bronze, copper nickel), steels including, mild, carbon, tool steel, stainless steels, low alloy steel), tungsten carbide and PCD segments. On large or difficult to wet tungsten carbide pieces specialised silver brazing filler metals containing nickel / manganese are often preferred.

Conditions for Use:j

This filler metal is mainly used for brazing in air with a flux.